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Passing of a tradition, December 19, 1964


December 19, 1964

Passing of a tradition

By Filemon V. Tutay
Staff member

The death of Don Yoyong leaves a void none of his prospective successors can possibly fill.

THE sudden death last week of Sen. Eulogio Rodriguez, president of the Nacionalista Party for the past 18 years, marked the “passing of a great tradition,” to quote President Macapagal.

With the death of Amang—as he was popularly known—ended a colorful era which spanned more than half a century in the history of local politics. Of his almost 82 years—he would have been that old come January 21—more than 55 were spent in the public service, 12 of them as president of the Senate. A self-made man, Amang pulled himself up by the bootstraps from his humble beginnings as a zacatero in his native Montalban to what he was at the time of his death—an institution and party symbol in Philippine politics.

Death claimed the Grand Old Man of Philippine politics a few days after he had announced that he was definitely not seeking reelection to the Senate in the 1965 elections. Previously, he had indicated to his close associates that he was retiring from public life upon the expiration of his term as senator next year.

Don Yoyong, as he was fondly called by his political followers, was a victim of heart attack. Death came painlessly and unexpectedly shortly after midnight Wednesday last week. It struck without warning. Despite his advanced years, he was apparently in the best of health. In fact, the night before, he had a hearty dinner at his Pasay City residence with former Nueva Ecija Governor Juan Chioco and Dr. Pedro Rodriguez, a brother, as dinner guests.

According to Mrs. Luisa Rodriguez, her husband went to bed at about nine o’clock Tuesday night last week in high spirits. At a little past midnight he woke her up. He did not complain of anything. But she saw that her husband was restless and she advised him to sit on a couch in the bedroom. Then, she went sleepily back to bed.

Mrs. Rodriguez said that she must have been asleep for about an hour when she woke up—at about 1:30 a.m.—and saw her husband still on the couch, apparently asleep. When she looked closer, however, she found that he was dead. Drs. Jose Silva and Pedro Cruz, the Rodriguez family physicians who were hastily summoned, said that Amang had succumbed to a heart attack.

In deference to the memory of Amang, President Macapagal proclaimed a period of national mourning until Wednesday this week when his remains were scheduled to be buried in Montalban, Rizal, where he was born on January 21, 1883. According to Mrs. Baby Rodriguez-Magsaysay, her father had expressed the wish that he buried in his native town.

From his Pasay City residence on Salud Street, the mortal remains of Amang were to be transferred Friday last week to the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Jose Lontok, in Quezon City. From there, the body would be transferred to the Rizal provincial capitol at Pasig where it would lie in state for 24 hours. He would be so honored because of his having served two terms as provincial governor of Rizal, once in 1916 and again in 1922.

From Pasig, the body would be taken to the Manila City Hall. Amang served two terms as mayor of Manila, first in 1923 and again in 1938 until shortly before the outbreak of World War II in 1941.

From the Manila City Hall, Amang’s mortal remains would be moved to the Senate session hall where necrological services were scheduled for Wednesday morning. From there, the former zacatero would make his last trip to his native Montalban where, more than 70 years ago, he cut grass for the calesa horses of the town and the cavalry mounts of the United States army at Fort McKinley, now known as Fort Bonifacio.

Amang made more sacrifices than any single individual in the Nacionalista Party so that the opposition might survive. He did much to ensure the continuance of the two-party system in the Philippines.

Having done so much for his party, it was small wonder that he had almost come to regard it as his private property. When the Young Turks, whom he had derisively referred to as Young Turkeys, tried repeatedly but vainly to oust him from the party presidency, he told them scornfully: “If I ever have to quit the party presidency, it shall be my decision.” The Young Turkeys could not do anything about it.

Amang lived politics, and, when it was time to retire from politics, he died. Politics was his very life.



  1. JoAnne says:

    I searched and found this article. A “Filemon V. Tutay” was my grandfather from Quezon City. I am now living in the U.S. Is this article a reprint from December 19, 1964, written by my grandfather? Or is there another Filemon V. Tutay out there?

    • Filemon L Tutay says:

      Hi JoAnn there is only one Filemon V Tutay but there is another Filemon L Tutay III THAT makes me the last decedant of the Filemon Tutay s……and residing in Singapore

  2. G. R. Tutay says:

    Hi JoAnne! Maligayang Pasko.

    Yes, this article was written by your grandfather, Filemon V. Tutay. He was a prolific writer and columnist at Philippines Free Press until the newsmagazine was closed down by the former President Ferdinanad Marcos during martial law (1972).

  3. Alyssa says:

    My father is a direct descendent of Filemon as well.

  4. Vincent says:

    Hi, I’m a direct descendant of Filemon too. My father is Filemon Tutay III, my grandfather is Filemon Tutay Jr., I guess that makes Filemon V. Tutay my great-grandfather.

  5. I am just tracing old relatives. I know Filemon V. Tutay is also the brother of my grandfather. It’s funny because I forgot my grandfather’s name but I used to visit Uncle Imon everytime when I was little. I grew up in the same place in Quezon city. Uncle Imon is living in Roces Ave. My mother is Sofia Tutay Tecechian married to Pedro Tecechian. My parents are both in peace now. I am working on board a cruise ship. I just remember my cousin Bianca. I remember her father was called Boy Tutay. I last saw her I think in 1993. I used to have a nice Tita Esther who is I think living in US. Our house is Sct. Lozano was sold and we bought a house in Novaliches. We are staying there since 1993. I have one brother Edwin. I will never forget Uncle Imon because every christmas he gave me 5 Peso bill and a candy cane. When I was in high school his article “Flash Elorde” was published in one of my books. I am just happy to find some relatives. Thank you!

  6. justine bryan tecechian says:

    hi justine po ito, tita annabelle kamusta na po kayo? Birthday ko po ngayon, 14 yrs. old na po akO, sAn na po kayo ngayon?. wala kaming pasok, nasa cruise ship po ba kau? saan na pong lugar kayo ngayon? dami na po siguro kayo napuntahan, miss ko na po kayo, ingat po kayo lagi, God bless always,

  7. Kat Flake-Thompson says:

    Hi Annabelle, I don’t think I have ever met you but I do I remember TIta Sofing. We used to live in Scout Castor and I attended Saint Mary’s College in Q.C.. I used to come over tita Sofings house when I was a little girl and remember they have a graduation photo of me that, Tito Junior (Filemon Tutay Jr.) had painted and it was hanging by the staircase If you ever wandered who that was. I have been living in the US for over 28 years now. So your grandfather must be Emiliano, I just found that out a couple days ago when I received an email from Bong Tutay (Tito Krause’s son). Bong and his sister Arlene now also live here in the US so they must be your first cousins. Tita Esther and most of her kids are now in the US too. My mom and her are sisters. And Vincent, I met your dad once at the wake of Tito Junior (your grandfather) also my sister Karen and my mom met with him a few years ago when they visited the Philippines. We are all planning to visit sometime next year, Hope to see all of you then.

  8. jenalyn chioco says:

    hi!im jen a daughter of.mrs.jocelyn chioco pascual ask q lng s abogado ni don juan chioco til now po b hnahanap nyu pb c mr.ambrocio chioco wla lng

  9. jenalyn chioco says:

    huz hir!po b bip nyu po aq i nid sum anz..09235746577

  10. hello justine!if you have an email better we communicate there. My email ad is typist.a@thomsonemerald.com – it’s my ship’s email.

  11. Hello Mrs. Kat Flake-Thompson. I am sorry but I haven’t met you also. Let me re-phrase my previous message. It’s Lolo Imon. Yes, you are right my Lolo is Emiliano V. Tutay married I think to Maria Martelino. I don’t remember seeing the painting in the staircase because as I was growing up many renovations happened in the house. I remember also that My mother told me that my Ninang and Ninong is in US. Last name was same as yours but unfortunately, I haven’t met them also..I don’t know for what reason. I remember also that they went home to Philippines but didn’t have the chance to see them. Yes, I know the persons you are telling me. Kuya Bong is living there since I was in my teenage years and he has a family. Do you know Rose June Tutay? We are in same school in Manuel Roxas but I don’t see him anymore. I forgot his father’s name, but we also see Tito..I forgot the name.
    Is your mom’s name starts with initial of “A”? If so, she is my Ninang. I can show you my baptismal certificate.
    Anyway, I am glad to know you. I am working on board a cruise ship, cruising in Europe only. I will finish my contract in October and probably go home.
    If you just interested in meeting me I will be home because I don’t know when I am going back on board any vessel.
    I am temporarily using typist.a@thomsonemerald.com.
    Also, the name in the list Justine Bryan Tecechian is my brother’s son. He was able to locate me also. We haven’t talked for years now. Many things happened since my parents died.
    Hope to hear from you. I wish you good health Ma’am. Pls. give my regards to Tita Esther. Asked her if she remembers the little girl you always make fun and pulls out her white hair in Scout Lozano.

  12. Jay Mercado says:

    Hello Mrs. Thompson.

    I read in your post that you have a cousin named Bong Tutay. By any chance, is that Roman Krauze S. Tutay, Jr? Bong used to be my classmate in HS at Lourdes School QC, Class of 1984. He is one of our classmates missing in action – short of saying that we have no word from him.

    May I have his email address? Of course, you may want to consult Bong first if he remembers me but I’m sure he will – having been a good friend of his back in grade school (when we were seatmates in Grade 5) and high school, when he used to come over at my house in Sicaba St., QC.


  13. jenalyn chioco says:

    hi!ako po ulit ito si Jenalyn Chioco ung daugther ni Jocelyn Chioco the daughter of Ambrocio B. Chioco. kung kilala nyo po un lolo ko n c don Juan O. Chioco,residence of lupao nueva ecija. en mandaluyong pls. reply po kau, d2 s email add. ko. cutie_kimmah@yahoo.com. or just contact us, cp#09205493083,09235779367. Pls. po we need ur help.

    • gerardo munsayac says:

      hi jen,
      i know your grandfather cuz he is the brother of my grandmother benita chioco padilla.we are from san jose nueva ecija and lolo juan was a veteran of the last world war.he survived the death march from the japanese enemy and held a higher position of lt.colonel in the usaffe 41st division under gen vicente lim.he was the governor of nueva ecija and also became secretary of NARIC and economic portfolio under president garcia.he truly died a hero as he was given a medal by no other than gen douglas mc arthur for his mission to liberate nueva ecija from the japanese. he was educated in univesity of illonois in 1912 and has a brother who was a doctor florentino o chioco.they are the children of dona julia ortiz luis of santo domingo and don juan s grandchildren are the addurrus and the aguirres of banco filipinos (anthony,albert,adolfo and nanette aguirre.i know most of his autobiography because when they were in the US in the early 90s don juan and dr florentino keep sending pics of them to their only sister benita chioco padilla.

      • gerardo munsayac says:

        hi jen,
        correct ko lang yung statement ko when they are studying in the US,don juan was attending university of illinois in chicago while his brother dr florentino o chioco was attending boston university in the 1912 s.such an accomplishment that few filipino s at that time can achieve.thank you for your interest about your grandfather don juan o chioco.

    • joseph nikolai chioco says:

      Hello po. Nkwento po ng lola q na dlwang babae ang anak ni don juan kya anak anakan nia ung father ng lolo q na tga lupao. Nkwneto dn po nia na meron clang nakilala ng lolo ko na chioco nung ngtrbho cla sa PNR. ngpakilala dw po sa lolo ko na anak xa sa labas ni don juan. Prng ang pgkakaalala ko po eh ambrocio ang name. D po aq xur. Wala na po kami ngng connection s mainline ng family nia dhl po ngkagalit ung lolo ko sa tuhod at c don juan because of humanitarian reasons. Mjo sinuppress po ksi nia mga tga lupao dhl po s land reform. E ung lolo q s tuhod n pmangkin ni don juan. Tinatakasan ng pgkain ung mga tao dhl brgy capt xa. C don juan po ngng dhilan qng bkt dumami ang NPA sa lupao. Cguro po malaki mamamana ng lolo nio dhl po halos pgaari nila buong nueva ecija nun. C julia ortiz po eh tyahin nia n ngalaga sknya. Pti po c dona juana chioco. Mttndng dalaga po un. Dhl po ang parents nia e nmatay sa air crash. Not sure po. My halo pong spanish ung asawa ni don juan pero blitng mdme xa ngng chix. Ngaaral po aq ng history kya q to sinearch. At ska po pboritong manugang sa apo ni don juan ung lola q. Ang line po nmen e ngcmula ky teodoro n pabalitang half brother lng ni don juan kya xa hnd nkpgaral s abroad. C reynato chioco po ang lolo q ung ngtbho s pnr at nia. Sna po mbasa nio to at mktulong kht papano. Gudlak po sainyo

      • gerardo munsayac says:

        salamat joseph for your information about don juan chioco.marami pa pala akong hindi alam tungkol sa aking mga grandparents.but i remember when were young and we go to don juan s hacienda in parista lupao.that place if i can recall e para kang nasa paradise.he had his ranch,his livestocks,fruits and vegetables and even his irrigation system placed in one.meron din siyang palaisdaan.i saw the lifestyle of don juan completely different from any rich families in the philippines that time.meron din siyang mga ilang ilang trees na ang bango bango pag nanduon ka at yung golf course niya.mahilig din siya sa mga pets lalo na ang mga german shepperds,shih tzus pomeranian dogs at mga tropical parrots.the only thing that went bad in his life i think was when land reform was implemented by marcos.wala nga siyang lalaking anak so he can carry his name but you said meron siyang mga anak sa labas which our family didnt know.what about his administrator of the farm?i think his name was santiago cajucom.i dont know after his death what happened to them.anyway, salamat sa lahat ng information mo i really appreciate it.thank you

  14. Filemon L Tutay says:

    Hi Everyone, I am Filemon L.Tutay and residing in Singapore.greetings toa ll my relatives and my email address is fltutay@yahoo.com / FilemonTutay@dpa.com.sg

  15. Alwyne Jan Perez says:

    Hello. My grandmother is a sister of the late Filemon V. Tutay although she has already passed on the year 1991. Of the Tutay siblings (which I learned was 12), only one survives today and she is Lola Lumen. She is already 94 years old however, she is living the last of her days in a very hard state (she and her husband who is 96 years old). They wake up everyday and LITERALLY does nothing both of them just sit on the floor of their house until night when they will sleep. Both of them cannot stand up and although they are blessed with long years, their body is frail, not of sickness, but of lack of proper nutrition because they still live in hard poverty. Last time I visited them was 3 days ago (Just came back to Manila from my Aklan vacation) and although I dont understand Aklanon, I clearly heard her say to my mom, that she and her husband are just having a contest who among them two will die first.

    Let’s honor the great Filemon Tutay by making the last days of his last surviving sister a comfortable one. A wheelchair or anything would do great for her and her husband. God bless all of us relatives.

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