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The New Menace: editorial for April 1, 1961

Philippines Free Press Editorial
April 1, 1961

The New Menace

THIS country has never been more menaced by youthful criminality than it is today.

One has only to take a cursory look at the nation’s press to realize the gravity of our teen-age problem. No less than the secretary of national defense and the chief of staff of the Philippine Constabulary have offered to make available units of our armed forces to stem the rising tide of youthful violence.

Even the Man in Malacañang during a commencement address in Cebu City this week took cognizance of the rising criminality among our young people, and promised to deal with it “to the full extent of the law.��? At the same time, President Garcia urged that the nation’s attention “be focused unerringly on this social malady.��?

What has happened to our young people?

In Manila and the surrounding cities, they have gone on rampage! Like jungle beasts.