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Whooping it up, editorial for May 13, 1939


May 13, 1939

Whooping it Up—Con Bombo Y Platillos

IT LOOKS like the real thing this time. After many false starts, President Quezon’s reelection bandwagon is on its way. From Basco to Bongao, men in public life are rushing to get aboard. Not only politicians, but businessmen and doctors and lawyers and bankers have endorsed the move to amend the Constitution to permit the reelection of President Quezon.

To be sure, there are several obstacles which must be overcome. A constitutional convention must be held, and the amendment must be ratified by the electorate. Finally, it must be approved by the President of the United States.

But the obstacles aren’t worrying the people on the bandwagon. When there’s a will, there’s usually a way. And those who are whooping it up for the reelection of President Quezon have plenty of determination.

At all events, they’re whooping things up on the bandwagon, and a lot more passengers want to get on. Constitutions aren’t amended every day in the year, and it looks like excitement ahead.


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  1. […] An Open letter to President Quezon, by Arturo Tolentino, was published by the Philippine Free Press, expressing that amidst clamor of the public to push for constitutional amendments for Quezon’s reelection (and with the president’s silence on the matter), the president should stand by the constitution and “let new blood and new brains take on the responsibility of guiding the ship state.” On the same day the Free Press editorial asserts the campaign for re-election has begun. […]

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