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For better or for worse. Editorial for April 28, 1934


April 28, 1934

For better or for worse

ANOTHER momentous event in Philippine history will occur when the legislature meets in special session to accept the Tydings-McDuffie independence law. Exactly thirty-six years after Dewey’s thundering guns sounded the prelude to American occupation of the Philippines, the Philippine legislature will meet to take the decisive step toward the final withdrawal of the United States from the islands.

Once the independence law has been accepted, the die will have been cast, the Rubicon crossed. There can then be no turning back from the high adventure upon which the Philippines will have embarked, no seeking of shelter from the buffets and blows of a selfish and remorseless world. For better or for worse, for weal or for woe, the game must be played out to the end.

The Philippines stand at the threshold of a new world, a new experience. This country will need courage and daring and a will to work and a capacity to suffer. Above all it will need a mighty and transcendental patriotism in the period ahead of it. God forbid that this glorious venture shall be wrecked upon the shoals of disillusionment, or despair or cynical, self-seeking, disregard of the public welfare.


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