Home » Editorials » The Poltroon in politics, June 12, 1909

The Poltroon in politics, June 12, 1909

Saturday, June 12, 1909

The Poltroon in politics

Recently the FREE PRESS has received several anonymous communications slandering certain persons who are candidates for political office. We also see that in Ilocos Norte scurrilous articles with no name to identify them have been scattered broadcast vilifying Governor Soriano and that the same thing has been done in Cebu against Speaker Osmeña. A more cowardly, contemptible, and treacherous method of conducting a campaign cannot be conceived, and the person guilty of it is on a par with the assassin who, afraid to meet his enemy face to face, waits for him in some dark place and stabs him in the back. In nine hundred and ninety nine cases out of a thousand, if the voters are wise, they will cast their ballot for the man whose enemies have to adopt such tactics in an effort to defeat him.


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