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Wither are we drifting? Editorial for May 1, 1909


Saturday, May 1, 1909

Whither are we drifting?

ONE of the most significant in our administration of these islands today is the growing estrangement between American and Filipino. Ever since two or three months after the Taft visit and the inauguration of the assembly there has been a steady drifting apart and the tension seems to be daily increasing. This condition is not imaginary. It is matter of comment among many Americans and Filipinos in touch with racial sentiment here, and former residents returning to the islands say they have been forcibly struck by it.

The causes conducting to this state of affairs are not obscure. In our political relationship there exists an inherent and prolific source of discord.

This political antagonism, sufficient in itself to make the situation one of exceeding difficulty, is intensified by racial antipathies. Between the two peoples there seems to lie a social gulf which is crossed in only rare instances. The average American, with whom usually rests the initiative, is not concerned about making a friend of the Filipino; rather does he enjoy showing his open contempt for him. The feeling of racial superiority, not always justified, will not down. Even where the American may display a perfunctory solitude for the Filipino and a desire to maintain social relations the latter, possessed of a pride equal to our own and gifted with a delicate intuition sometimes superior to our own, discerns and resents the veiled condescension.


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